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The H. Igor Ansoff Anthology 전자도서가 출간되었습니다.
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface 11 Introduction Patrick A. Sullivan 13
Part 1. H. Igor Ansoff, Practitioner/Scholar Introduction ― Gen-Ichi Nakamura 1
1.1 A Profile of Intellectual Growth H. Igor Ansoff 4
1.2 Igor Ansoff's Continuing Contribution to Strategic Management David Hussey 36

Part 2. The Early Days Introduction ― Roger Layton 61
2.1 Toward a Strategic Theory of the Firm H. Igor Ansoff 66
2.2 Strategy as a Tool for Coping With Change H. Igor Ansoff 88

Part 3. The Emergence of Strategic Management Introduction ― John R. Montanari 93
3.1 From Strategic Planning to Strategic Management H. Igor Ansoff, Roger P. Declerck and Robert L. Hayes 97
3.2 The Changing Manager H. Igor Ansoff 140
3.3 Strategic Management in a Historical Perspective H. Igor Ansoff 159

Part 4. The Strategic Management Paradigm Introduction ― Mike Hitt 229
4.1 The Emerging Paradigm of Strategic Behavior H. Igor Ansoff 231
4.2 Empirical Support for a Paradigmic Theory of Strategic Success Behaviors of Environment Serving Organizations H. Igor Ansoff, Patrick A. Sullivan et al 252

Part 5. Management of Transformational Change Introduction ― Roman Lombriser 283
5.1 Planned Management of Turbulent Change H. Igor Ansoff 285
5.2 How Successful Intrapreneurs Pilot Firms Through the Turbulent 1990s Roman Lombriser and H. Igor Ansoff 303

Part 6. Debate and Controversy Introduction ― Henry Mintzberg 323
6.1 The Design School: Reconsidering the Basic Premises of Strategic Management Henry Mintzberg 325
6.2 Critique of Henry Mintzberg's 'The Design School: Reconsidering the Basic Premises of Strategic Management' H. Igor Ansoff 359
6.3 Learning 1, Planning 0: Reply to Igor Ansoff Henry Mintzberg 377
6.4 Research Notes and Communications ― Design, Learning and Planning: A Further Observation on the Design School Debate Michael Goold 382

Part 7. Real Time Response Introduction ― Robert Moussetis 385
7.1 Strategic Issue Management H. Igor Ansoff 387
7.2 Managing Strategic Surprise by Response to Weak Signals H. Igor Ansoff 408

Part 8. Portfolio Strategy Introduction ― Thorsten van der Velten 429
8.1 Strategic Portfolio Management H. Igor Ansoff and James Leontiades 432
8.2 Managing Business Portfolios in German Companies Thorsten van der Velten and H. Igor Ansoff 453

Part 9. Practical Applications Introduction ― Peter H. Antoniou, Dong J. Park 465
9.1 Application in Small Business Setting ― The Wellness Industry 467
9.2 Application in Small Business Setting ― Specialty Packer 470
9.3 Application in Large Government Setting 473
9.4 Studies Empirically Supporting the Findings 477

What People say about Ansoff:
Gen-Ichi Nakamura, Ph. D. “... Igor was as much a humanist/humorist as he was a great practitioner/scholar. He was ‘the man’.”
Henry Mintzberg, Ph. D. “... a great deal is to be gained from reading his work ... he has contributed a remarkable number of insightful concepts to the field.”
Roger Layton, Ph.D. “...The issues raised by Ansoff are now an integral part of an extended understanding of the nature of strategic thinking and analysis.”
John R. Montanari, DBA “Igor Ansoff was among the first of a small group of scholars to conceptually address the disconnect between strategic planning and organizational outcomes.”
Michael A. Hitt, Ph.D. “Igor Ansoff is the father of and early pioneer in the field that we now refer to as strategic management.”
Roman Lombriser, DBA “...he was one of the first to propose a proactive transformational shift of the firm’s internal configuration.”
Michael Goold, MA, MBA “I have enjoyed the debate between Henry Mintzberg and Igor Ansoff about the merits of the design school of strategic management.”
Robert C. Moussetis, DBA “In examining his work, one discovers the vastness of intellectual space in the domain of strategy... In fact, it is so big that most researchers have never really explored Ansoff in depth.” “I invite readers to explore Ansoff in depth. ... viewing strategy as a holistic endeavor that suffers when it is fragmented without relationship to the ‘big picture’.”
Thorsten van der Velten, DBA “...H. Igor Ansoff expanded the field of strategic management by introducing the notion of portfolio theory, and validating his findings empirically.”

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